Today’s walk took us awhile to put together. There are several patches of public land near our home, but many of them have poor access, lack roads or paths, or are too small to be worthwhile.

The seed orchard

One promising location we found several months ago is a quiet Bureau of Land Management seed orchard. The Walter Horning Seed Orchard apparently has no official website, but its purpose is largely to support the timber industry in Oregon by accelerating seed generation for some of the most prolific lumber-producing tree varieties.

The orchard is entirely fenced and not available for recreation, but neighboring private land generously welcomes public use.

Port Blakely

It turns out one of the larger landowners in the region allows responsible public use of their land.

I don’t want to ruin a great thing, so be respectful if you access these lands.

Port Blakely has an interesting story, dating back to 1852. The private company owns a significant amount of land in our area, with many parcels bordering public land. This is one area.

arrow in rock pointing at a side trail off the road


This is private land. If you go there, be respectful and follow the rules.